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18 June 2011 / leggypeggy

Music—the international language

Femmes du Sax

German and Belgian streets, stations and trains are filled with buskers of all types—some better than others.

Two days in a row, a fellow with a trumpet hopped on our underground train in Berlin and played a dodgy rendition of When the Saints Go Marching In. Both days, he boarded at one stop, played, passed the hat (a few contributed) and left at the next stop to hop on another train. His playing wasn’t so bad that he had to escape, but I’m guessing he knows only that one tune. We’re back in Berlin next week, so I’ll let you know if we see him again.

We’ve been entertained (or tortured) by guitarists, pianists, harpsichordists, accordionists, orators, human statues, a fellow with a huge homemade xylophone, various strolling minstrels and an organ grinder (I saw him in the exact same spot in Bruges in 2003 when he still had a monkey).

A femme du sax

But the best by far, have been the Femmes du Sax. These four gals were sensational, playing on the main tourist street in Heidelberg. They dazzled the crowd with tune after tune—I recognised every piece, but can’t name any of them now (brain drain).

The Femmes du Sax are true entertainers—with personality plus. They don’t just stand there, but boogie and dance among the audience. Children in prams seem to get special attention. Don’t know if they’ve released a CD. They didn’t appear to have one on sale. Pity, as I’d have bought one, even though we are travelling light.

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