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10 July 2011 / leggypeggy

Neues Museum—like new again

The Neues (New) Museum is on Berlin’s Museum Island and it isn’t really that new. Designed by Friedrich Stüler and built between 1843–55, it was severely damaged by bomb blasts during World War II. No steps to safeguard the structure were taken until the 1980s. An international architectural competition followed and in 1997 the British architect, David Chipperfield, was commissioned to re-create the building. Construction began in 2003 and, after 70 years, the museum finally reopened to the public in 2009.

It’s an impressive building—with a creative mix of old and new. It houses old items—such as the Egyptian Museum and Papyrus Collection (of which Nefertiti is a part) and the Museum of Prehistory and Early History with objects from the Collection of Antiquities.

The picture gallery shows a selection of exhibits and one of the window-washers.

Museum nuts should also see the entries on Nefertiti, the old hat and eyes (all in the German category).

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