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16 July 2011 / leggypeggy

Bush camp with a view—and an address

Glen wondering whether Keiran (yes, that's her name), his wife of four months, will make it down in her flip flops.

We haven’t had a lot of bush camps yet, which is not surprising because we have been travelling across a densely populated Europe. But Will, our driver, outdid himself the other day in Turkey. We were heading from Ephesus (near the Mediterranean Sea) to Göreme in the heart of Cappadocia in central Turkey. He made it a two-day drive so we could enjoy a couple of touristic stops on the way (more about them in other posts), and the bush camp along the way was amazing.

He spent more than an hour looking for a suitable spot, and was finally rewarded after 7pm with a perfect bush setting about 100 metres off the main road—rolling hills, baa-ing sheep, beautiful views, a stunning sunset and even an address. The hut nearby had a number 11 beside the door. How random!

Lots of people (even some who are afraid of heights) climbed the rocky outcrops to make the most of the view and take photos.

I love bush camps and Will assures us there will be plenty more as we go farther east.

Bush camp with a view.

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