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16 July 2011 / leggypeggy

Turkish sightseeing—you get what you pay for

Ticket to Derinkuyu Underground City.

I’ve been impressed by how well the Turkish museums and historical and archaeological sites are managed. For the most part, commentary is posted in Turkish and English, guides are registered, prices are reasonable (ranging from A$5 to A$15—although one was an exorbitant $35) and everything has been clean.

They also have a good idea for admission tickets. Each ticket is a different colour. They tell you where you are (in English and Turkish) and how much admission is for that site, which means you don’t have to wonder if you’re being ripped off. The tickets make nice little souvenirs for those who aren’t traveling light.

Turks get a great deal if they want to be tourists in their own country. I’d seen a few references to a Müzekart so checked out their website For just 20 lira (about A$12), citizens can buy an admission card that covers all sites.

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