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26 September 2011 / leggypeggy

Our playwright—Megan

Megan enjoys her graduation, a bush camp and a drunken watermelon all in one night in Georgia.

Before long, we’ll all be able to say we knew Megan before she was famous. In her early 20s, she has already written a play, Outside, that was performed this August at the Edinburgh Festival. It’s about an agoraphobic man and his relationship with his brother. The play has been very well reviewed, but Megan’s heard there was some bickering among the cast.

That hasn’t stopped her from entertaining all of us with a variety of other social activities. First off, she organised Truck Cluedo (remember I was the first one to die). Now she’s written a murder mystery in which most of us (those who said they wanted to participate) play a part. It will start as soon as Megan has a chance to print off the 119 pages of plot and characterisations she’s written. Gosh that girl is busy, creative and funny—I play a brash American who is travelling with her shrink, Dr Bill.

In July in Georgia, we celebrated Megan’s graduation with a degree in English Literature from the University of Bristol. The event was on her actual graduation day, and we made her a cap and gown of sorts, so she truly felt the part. That fitted well with her acting abilities. Plus, everyone enjoyed the vodka-infused watermelon that was served for dessert.

Megan has written two previous plays that have been successfully staged in England. She hopes to do more writing and further study after the overland trip. She is waiting to hear about placements at the universities in Bristol and London. You can keep tabs on Megan’s progress at

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  1. Louise M Oliver / Sep 26 2011 9:34 am

    Hi Peggy,
    Please give my congratulations to Megan. What a wonderful achievement—to be performed at the Edinburgh Festival before, or as, you graduate. Well done Megan. And I enjoyed the spontaneity of her graduation too and the efforts all of you made to give her a celebration. Not so sure about the drunken watermelon but needs must.

    Junior MasterChef started last night and I’m impressed already. Those kids are truly amazing and they seem much younger this time around. As before, I’ll record, edit and copy.

    Ebony and Zoe liked the look of the donkey and thought you might be able to post one for them to play with!

    Best wishes as always to you and Poor John and look forward to reading and seeing more.




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