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3 October 2011 / leggypeggy

Our Master of Disguise—Ian

Ian at an in-between stage—his beard is growing back.

A while ago in China, Ian fooled us all by having a barber shave off his beard. Almost immediately, more than a few of our fellow travellers passed by without recognising him. We wonder what his wife, Pat, will say when she sees him in person in Australia. He’s had that beard for 30 years. Luckily, both looks really do suit him.

Ian is another active trip blogger, check out his contributions at, which includes links to lots of his photos on PicasaWeb. Ian started planning this trip about a year ago, and is taking it without his wife. As he says, ‘it’s not Pat’s style’. Instead, she and one of their daughters will meet him in Australia, and they’ll take some time seeing the sights there—including a trip to stay with us in Canberra. Yay!

Ian and Pat live in a small village, Barby, which is where Pat works part-time for the village hall. In his earlier working life, Ian was an accountant. But for the last 10 years he has been busy installing business planning software for companies in the United Kingdom. Although he’s officially retired, he admits may do the odd bit of consulting in future.

Now that he’s seen so much of the world, he says he’s ready to take Pat around lots of England too, and maybe on a non-camping trip to South America—meaning hotels, decent mattresses, clean sheets and real pillows.

As for Ian’s multiple disguises, when he wears his light-coloured bucket sunhat, I think he looks very much like Jacques Tati in the oh-so-entertaining French film, Mon Oncle. Do see it if you haven’t before.

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