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11 October 2011 / leggypeggy

Now a word for the fashion conscious—Frocktober

Libby in one of last year's frocks—being inspected by Aggie (aka Agadore Spartacus), the schnauzer who graces the banner in this blog.

We’re in Hoi An for several days—VIetnam’s clothing capital. Every second shop is occupied by a tailor. The in-between shops are given over to cobblers.

Walking down the street is to run the gauntlet of hawkers calling out—Madam, come see my clothes. Let me make a skirt for you. I make shoes for your bunions (I’ll do a separate post about my ‘bunions’ that aren’t bunions).

Most of our travelling companions have succumbed to the fabulous array of fabrics and styles. I look forward to seeing everyone in their new finery. This is just a small sampling of the purchases—Sarah bought three pairs of boots. Glen bought three suits. Eamon bought shorts. Norm even bought a tuxedo.

But after two days of walking through the main shopping areas, the touters have given up on us. They’ve come to accept that I really have worn the same pair of gold earrings for 35 years, and that the rest of my wardrobe is made up of flip-flops, khaki camping shorts or pants and black merino tops with varying sleeve lengths.

Poor John is almost as bad, although he branches out a bit more on the colour spectrum.

Our daughters, on the other hand, have a lot of style. Libby is especially keen on skirts and dresses. So much so that she is doing Frocktober again this year. I’m posting her announcement email here, so that you know a bit more about this charity activity.

Check out her blog, and I hope you have fun following the fashion frolics of Libby and Alison.


Hi all,

Some of you may remember Frocktober from last year. Well it’s that time again and Alison Spence and I are in full frocking swing. You can check out our efforts at our blog:

For those of you thinking ‘been there, done that, seen it all before’ I can assure you there will be new dresses, new adventures and new special guests. So it’s worth having a look. Please forward the link on to anyone else you think might be interested (either in ovarian cancer fundraising or in seeing stylish women in fetching frocks).

For those of you who don’t know it, Frocktober is a fundraising and awareness-raising campaign to help support the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. Alison and I wear a different dress (or skirt) every day and document it all via our blog, largely in the hopes you will sponsor us. You can sponsor us here: and there’s also a link on the blog. All funds raised go to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (and it is much, much easier to make a donation than last year).

As for why we are supporting the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation you should know:

  • One woman dies every ten hours from ovarian cancer in Australia alone
  • For many women with ovarian cancer, the disease is already well advanced when they are first diagnosed
  • There is currently no screening test for ovarian cancer
  • Frocktober aims to help improve the outlook for women with ovarian cancer by supporting the quest for a suitable early detection test through fundraising for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.

Thanks everyone,



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  1. Louise M Oliver / Oct 11 2011 4:21 pm

    Hi Peggy,
    I’m very pleased that you’re staying true to type. Just think how virtuous you’ll feel when all those people who succumbed are struggling with their luggage allowances!

    And thank you for posting about Frocktober. I’ll be in touch with Libby to organise a donation.

    Take care, be safe and keep up the interesting posts.

    Best wishes


  2. leggypeggy / Oct 11 2011 9:48 pm

    Hi Louise — my travelling companions are smart cookies. They’re posting home their purchases — no need to carry a tux on a truck. 🙂


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