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18 October 2011 / leggypeggy

Our glue—Lu

When the truck is in a tight turning or reversing spot, Lu provides a second set of eyes for Will, our driver.

Somebody has to herd all these UK to OZ puppies into the box, and that challenging task falls to our tour leader, Lu. Psst. Her real name is Lucinda.

Originally from New Zealand, Lu has been on the road for many years. Her first London to Sydney overland journey was in 2006 as a passenger. That experience was enough to hook her and she is now on her third stint as a tour leader for UK to OZ.

The title of ‘tour leader’ barely begins to describe all the things Lu is responsible for besides keeping us organised. She’s planned lots of our itinerary and organises the places we stay when we’re not camping. She sees our passports through many borders. When we are camping, she takes care of all the food shopping and figures out what we’ll cook on any given day—which depends on what she can buy, and that can be quite limited in a remote village. And that’s only an introduction to all that she does.

Her feet hardly touch the ground and she manages to stay busy most hours of the day. She keeps ‘threatening’ us with a complete truck clean but, with the exception of once in Kazakhstan, she always beats us to it and does it herself.

Lu’s personal challenge for this trip has been to never pay to have her laundry done. No, she’s not sneaking it into other people’s laundry bags. She’s doing it herself. It’s very commendable, especially because getting clothes washed can be so cheap. We had two complete changes of clothes done for a mere $1.25.

This is Lu’s last overland journey. She says she’s ready for a change of job, and she doesn’t think she’d make a good overland passenger after being a tour leader. She leaves us and the trip in Bali. That’s when we head off to Australia and Steve, who will be our driver and tour leader.

Keep us posted Lu, and thanks heaps for keeping us so well organised. Most appreciated.

Oh, and I can’t sign off without mentioning the time a local guide in Central Asia said ‘please, take me to your cheerleader’. Lu may never live that down—we’ve needled her about it ever since—and she ought to be grateful I didn’t headline this item Our cheerleader—Lu.


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  1. Nona Shinagawa Myers / Oct 18 2011 10:35 am

    How many of you are now left? And how many will ultimately reach the final destination?


  2. leggypeggy / Oct 18 2011 10:52 am

    People are free to come and go as they want. The most we have ever had on the trip is 25. We currently have 20—Toni, Gary and Lene, and Karl and Vanessa have left in the last little while. The first three had done the rest of the trip before, and Karl and Vanessa wanted to speed things (see a few extra places) before returning to work in December.
    Lu is the only other person who plans to leave before the end and she’s still with us until the end of November. Oh and Will ends in Singapore and ships the truck back to the UK. The truck isn’t allowed into Indonesia (we’ll use public transport) or Australia (when we’l have Steve and a different vehicle).


  3. Louise M Oliver / Oct 19 2011 7:48 am

    Hi Lu,
    Very nice to meet you. It must sometimes get a bit wearying to keep all of these various travelling companions happy and coordinated so you must be someone who’s very resourceful and patient. All the very best with whatever you end up doing next. Do you have any idea of what that will be?

    Best wishes



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