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22 May 2011 / leggypeggy

Still not smoking

Five years ago today I stopped smoking. It’s a good thing I did it long before travelling. In 2009, Africa was overrun with cigarettes. Everyone smoked, or so it seemed. And of course, the smokes were cheap. We spent some time in Spain before we started that trip, and everyone smoked there too — in restaurants, hotel rooms, in taxis.

A few years on and I expected Germany to be a bit stricter. No so. The hotel receptionist in Mainz apologised profusely because she had to put us in a smoking room (Poor John and I agreed that the smell really wasn’t that strong). The hotel room in Heidelberg was clearly marked non-smoking, but there was a huge ashtray in the room. Just in case, I suppose.

But most startling was the cigarette vending machines bolted to random fences. No need to worry about running out. Just stroll down the street to buy from your local dispenser. Credit cards accepted.

Street-side cigarette vending machine

You'll never run out of cigarettes in Germany.

As an aside, the other day Kirusan said he remembered when I stopped smoking. He was living with us at the time. I bet everyone for miles around remembers when I stopped smoking.

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  1. Louise M Oliver / May 23 2011 3:24 pm

    Hi Peggy,
    I can’t believe that it’s five years since you gave up smoking. That time has certainly flown. Congratulations! You’re so much healthier.


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