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30 May 2011 / leggypeggy

Best of the Worscht in Mainz

Currywurst is popular and cheap fast-food in Germany. It’s a wurst sausage, slathered in tomato sauce (ketchup) and sprinkled with curry powder. You can often get hot chips (french fries) and a drink on the side.


Currywurst -- this time in Berlin.

According to Kirusan, who was on exchange with us in 2006, there is a huge rivalry as to which outlet of Best Worscht in Town has the best wurst in the country. He reckons the winner is from his hometown of Oberhausen. Given that we are visiting a lot of German cities, Kirusan thought we ought to start our own judging. When he took a bit of time out from his engineering studies at a university in Darmstadt to show us around Mainz, he also introduced us to a nearby Best Worscht. We had to admit that it makes a pretty good snack. Also got a good laugh from the bratwurst menu item named a ‘Long Dong’.

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