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12 June 2011 / leggypeggy

Life’s essentials—ice cream and chocolate

Münster is a vibrant university town in Westphalia in Germany. It’s loaded with shops, cafés, street life, and there’s a scenic lake in the middle of town. There are 300,000 residents and a sixth of these are students. According to the guidebook, it’s the students who keep Münster from being too conservative.

A chocolatier's sense of humour -- a choccie cockroach.

But I don’t know who arranged to have Germany’s best ice cream (at Lazzaretti’s) and chocolate (at Leysieffer’s) in the same town? Honestly, I haven’t yet had enough ice cream and chocolate in Germany to confirm these claims, but the treats are pretty darn good.

We enjoyed the day and the treats with former exchange students and internet friends. From left, the crowd is Poor John, Kirusan, Laura, Lia and Maxi.

Ice cream at Leysieffer's in Münster.

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  1. Shannon / Jun 13 2011 12:44 am

    It sounds like heaven…


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