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26 June 2011 / leggypeggy

News flash for Aggie

An honest-to-goodness German schnauzer.

You might be German after all—or maybe Czech.

It was our last day in Germany. We were in a Deutsche Bahn (German Rail) office, waiting in the queue to buy tickets to Prague WHEN one of your relos pranced in with her family. She is most likely a long-lost little sister or cousin because she also has a birthmark on her tongue. I wasn’t quick enough to get a photo of that tongue (or properly catch her name either), but here SHE is. Isn’t she cute? And she’s a standard schnauzer—not a mini. Her mum says she is five years old and loves rolling on her back in her bed like you do. She also loves bum rubs, which I established all by myself. I think her mum was a little surprised by the enthusiastic response the bum rub got, so perhaps they hadn’t tried that before.

Unlike you, she doesn’t seem to mind being brushed. Hint, hint. She also has all of her tail which curls neatly over her bum.

Aggie rubbing his own back.

Her mum, sister and brother admired a few pictures of you on my camera and we all agreed there aren’t enough schnauzers in the world. Her mum was also perplexed as to why there are so few schnauzers in Germany.

But here’s the even bigger surprise. Later that afternoon in Prague, we went for a walk with Tom (remember Tom who was on exchange with us in 2008?). On the way back from our stroll we encountered ANOTHER standard schnauzer. This one was rather crabby (rather like you in your younger days when you never slept so were constantly grumpy) so we didn’t get close enough for a conversation.

But there you go. Two standard schnauzers in one day—one in Germany and one in Czech. I can stop searching now.

A sad footnote: Aggie, who was 15, had to be put down recently. I still miss him and always will.

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  1. Sy S. NYC / Jun 26 2011 11:17 am


    I am a “Dawg Loveure” too. And when I am out and about I am ready to spot an Irish Terrier in Manhattan/Metro NYC. The Irish Terrier is a relatively rare breed and I am lucky to see maybe 2 each year. And when I do, I need to go over and introduce myself to the owner.. and a pat on the head for their pooch. In July I will be going to a grooming seminar run by the Irish Terrier Club of New York and we typically get about 25+ or more Irish… all together, must unleashed (except the in-tacked males) and all getting along well.

    Standard Schnauzers are a very pretty dog, but can be a little snappy, appear a little aggressive with strangers. I love the magnificent looking Giant Schnauzer, but I would have a hard time trying to control this breed in some situations… like if there were another aggressive dog nearby.

    Sy S.
    Metro NYC


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