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29 June 2011 / leggypeggy

Hit by a rebounding stone

The other day I took a ‘swipe’ at Poor John for forgetting his polar fleecy on the train from Prague to Salzburg. I should learn not to throw stones.

Late yesterday afternoon, not long after we joined the truck, I was hit by a rebounding stone. Not literally, but I did break my glasses. The right arm just snapped off. And it snapped in a way that made it completely impossible to repair. G-r-r-r! Poor John was very sympathetic and didn’t chuckle even once. He may have smirked or rolled his eyes when I wasn’t looking.

Luckily, the truck was staying in Salzburg for another day, so this morning we headed to a shopping centre outlet by the airport (Flughafen) in search of new glasses and camping chairs.

In about an hour, my old lenses were trimmed down a bit and fitted into a new pair of reddish-brown Versace frames—I can hear you all swooning—that cost only 129 euros. I really don’t know what they look like on. I tried on three pairs that the saleswoman said would be suitable for trimming, and then accepted everyone’s ‘word’ that the Versace looked best.

The chairs proved the greater challenge. We cruised the entire shopping complex (spread out over several blocks), but it was too fashionable a place to have camping equipment. The closest we came were kiddie chairs at a Toys R’us. But the woman in the eyeglass shop (Optik) sent us to SportEybl, and two bus rides later we found chairs for 14.99 euros each. Bargain, or now that Poor John is learning some useful German—Angebot!

I’ll post photos later. 🙂

P.S. Poor John is delighted with his birthday present—a new polar fleecy. He says it’s soft, warm and makes a great towel. He says thanks for the birthday wishes too.

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  1. Sy S. / Jul 1 2011 12:47 pm

    OT(0ff Topic)-Salzburg Hallein Salt Mines.
    I was waiting to take a cable car up the mountain at the Hallein Salt Mines. Also, waiting was a woman and her husband… and I kept on looking at the woman. For some reason I thought I knew her…. and the answer was yes. It was my first cousin from Kansas and I had not seen her in over 10 or so years.
    On Topic- Glasses. If you did not have an extra pair or were not able to get a new pair in Salzburg, that would have really put a damper on your travels. For my last pair I got slightly tinted lens (sun glasses) and bi-focal and for outdoor use (a little rugged and also for photography). Plus I got the frames in which the nose clips are solid and part of the frame (because the plastic swivel nose clips break).
    Yaaa, for camping chairs and Not-So-Poor John’s new polar fleecy sweater/towel…!

    Sy S.


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