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6 July 2011 / leggypeggy

Nefertiti—as gorgeous as ever

One of Poor John’s must-see sights in Berlin was the bust of Nefertiti. It’s not surprising—she is absolutely stunning. In fact her name translates as ‘the beautiful one has come’.

Poor John is not alone. The bust was found in 1912 at Amarna by the German Oriental Company led by German archaeologist Ludwig Borchardt. It was found in what had been the sculptor Thutmose’s workshop, along with other unfinished busts of Nefertiti. Borchardt’s diary provides the main written account of the find; he wrote, ‘Suddenly we had in our hands the most alive Egyptian artwork. You cannot describe it with words. You must see it.’

An unfinished bust of Nefertiti.

But I have to apologise for having no photo of the famous bust. Nefertiti and the room she is in (she’s the only exhibit there) are the only items in all of the Neues Museum (German for New Museum) to have ‘no photos allowed’. But here’s a photo of an unfinished bust, and a link to a photo of the famous bust and more information about Nefertiti.

And so you know—Egypt wants her back!

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