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28 July 2011 / leggypeggy

Poor John as nutty as ever

A huge range of nuts from Persia.

Poor John is a creature of habit. He loves his books and he loves his peanuts. So far, he’s bought nuts in every country we’ve visited on this trip, and while most have been pretty good, he still fondly remembers the dry-roasted nuts he could buy in Africa—especially in Angola.

Today in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, we came upon Shahinans, an upmarket shop specialising in nuts and dried fruits. After a thorough sampling, Poor John declared the nuts to be just okay, but we both agreed the dried fruits were amazing. The saleswoman said the nuts all come from Persia, but the dried fruits are Armenian. We bought a half kilo of apricots, that surely would have been cheaper in the Central Bazaar we visited later. But I can’t imagine they could have been any more delicious. We bought from the dish on the left in the centre row.

The range of Armenian dried fruits.

If you ever get to Yerevan, check out Shahinans at 40 Mashtots Avenue. The shop is fabulous inside and I could have spent a bomb on the many herbs and spices they had, so bring your wallet.

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