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3 August 2011 / leggypeggy

Update on the Georgian kitchen drama

Cigarettes and lighters on the menu.

Before leaving Tbilisi, I’d better give you the latest news on the kitchen drama. Unfortunately, there’s still no movement on Eamon’s missing camera. That becomes an unbeaten dead horse.

No one really knows exactly why the Iranians are here. They say they paid some Iranian woman about US$3000 to arrange a tour of Georgia, Turkey and Bulgaria for them. She deposited them at the hostel about two weeks ago and has not been seen or heard from since.

The brawl that broke out two days ago had nothing to do with a vacant double room. It started because the wife of the couple told the other fellows to stop smoking in the common/communal room. Obviously, Iranian women still aren’t supposed to tell men what to do! Never mind that ‘no smoking’ signs are plastered all over the hostel.

But the outcome has been just as warped. The group of men refused to stay if the couple stayed and vice versa. The men fill more beds in a new hostel that’s trying to get off the ground and make money, so the couple have gone to stay at the home of the hostel’s laundry woman. They pop in every day and everything seems cordial. Who knows what will happen after we leave.

The men continue to smoke in the common room, which has become one of their ‘bedrooms’ because the hostel is so full. They also have the ‘red room’ and are smoking in it too.

Lu has told the owner about the smoking, but he makes cooing noises, shrugs his shoulders and hopes everyone will stop fussing and keep paying.

We really shouldn’t be surprised about the indoor smoking. It’s still a popular sport all over the region. A pack of smokes costs less than US$2, there are ashtrays on every restaurant table and plenty of establishments have cigarettes and lighters on the menu.

As for Eamon, he decided not to let the police conduct a search. The cops prepared an official statement that will let him collect on his insurance and many of us have offered to take pics for him.

The truck rolls on today, heading to Azerbaijan. Stay tuned.

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