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28 August 2011 / leggypeggy

Welcome to Kyrgyzstan

I can get to the blog in Kyrgyzstan — if only I could get to a WiFi internet connection. All my updates are on my computer, but it can’t be connected. Darn!

We’ll be roaming around this country for another eight days because our entry to China has been delayed until 6 September. I’ll post more news as soon as I can.

As an aside, we are camping at a homestay in Bishkek, the capital. Yesterday Poor John and I put our tent up in the covered driveway and — guess what — today it’s raining. We’re feeling pretty smug. We were also clever enough to borrow two blankets to put under our sleep mats, so the concrete isn’t too hard after all. Oh, and there is only one toilet and one shower for the 30-plus people at the homestay. There are signs to remind us not to put anything in the toilet and to conserve water. So far nothing has clogged and the water heater is doing an admirable job of keeping up. So everyone is doing their bit to cooperate.

Also, thanks everyone for comments and messages. Right now it’s a challenge to reply, so just accept my blanket thanks and best wishes.

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