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16 September 2011 / leggypeggy

Hardest beds on the planet

Man Joy Sex Oil is featured on the bottom left.

We had two nights in a hotel in Kashgar, in the west of China. The Blue Sky Seafood Grand Hotel is a three-star place located at the west end of main street. We all were delighted to have hot showers for the first time in ages (nine days for me) and a chance to do laundry in the bathroom sink. Poor John is quite adept at stringing a clothesline around a hotel room or campground, so our two nights were made more interesting by the maze of wet clothes we navigated through to get to the beds.

Not that we really wanted to find the beds. The mattresses were quite thick, but they rapped when you hit them with your knuckles and they were harder that the terrazzo floor we slept on in the port at Turkmenbashi. Seriously, you can’t imagine how solid they were. WE contemplated getting our roll mats out of the truck and sleeping on them on the floor. Instead I folded my fluffy doona (coverlet) in half and slept on it. The vast majority of us were unhappy about the hard beds, but two people said they had a really good sleep.

Mosquitoes were the other challenge. I thought mozzies couldn’t fly as high as fourth or fifth floor, but Chinese mozzies must be much more athletic. In the very early morning, I awoke scratching so slathered on some bug repellent. That night I applied repellent BEFORE I went to bed and Poor John shut the windows, but the mozzies were either already trapped inside or were able to squeeze through the many cracks. I was covered in bites in the morning. At ;east this wasn’t malaria country.

The most entertaining aspect of the hotel rooms was the display rack of non-gratis items available in the bathroom. They were the kind of products that make you realise that the Blue Sky Seafood Grand Hotel really does rent rooms by the hour—it’s called the o’clock rate. Among other things, there were perfumes, sprays, creams, panties, stockings, condoms and, my personal favourite, Man Joy Sex Oil. I’m such a meanie, I didn’t let Poor John buy any.

As I write this, we are on our fourth night of bush camping and last night I had the best sleep I’ve had since we camped in the driveway at Bishkek.

NOTE: If you have access to Facebook, please feel free to share this post with others. I can’t get on Facebook in China, so it’s impossible for me to let people know I am adding to the blog now. Thanks.


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  1. Gary Walker / Sep 16 2011 6:40 pm

    I posted an update on your behalf on Facebook. Have a great time in whatever “stan” country you are currently stranded and good luck keeping the mosquitoes at bay. I’m terribly allergic to them and swell up something awful when bitten by one of those horrible blood suckers.

    Bring a sample of Man Joy Sex Oil back from the hostel. I’m intrigued.


  2. Sy S. NYC / Sep 18 2011 3:08 pm


    In my travels I don’t recall any extremely hard beds, but do recall hard rice pillows in Japan. Sleeping on temple floors (Ceylon/Sri Lanka) and benches (Israel bus station) and sitting on hard seats on trains (for hours at a time) was enough for me. Further, reading about Mosquitoes is making me itchy as I type…

    Sy S.


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