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17 September 2011 / leggypeggy

Our own Burger King—Terry

Terry takes the lack of camel burgers in remote Kyrgyzstan in his stride. So does the camel.

One of our travelling companions, Terry, has set himself a challenge for this overland trip—to have a burger for every day of the trip.

Obviously, he’s not having a burger every single day of the trip because too many places just don’t DO burgers, but he plans to have at least 169 burgers over the course of our 169 days of travel. Some days he’s in the black and some days he’s in the red. A while back in Kazakhstan or Kyrgyzstan, he was 10 down. I’m not sure about the current tally because he’s in a bus bouncing his way to Everest Base Camp, but he should be close to even. China has lots of Dico’s (their own chain of burger restaurants), and we’ve been in three towns with outlets.

According to Terry, a qualifying burger must be on a round bun and must include some kind of meat. Veggies are optional.

I’ll let you know how he goes. Midnight tonight is our halfway point in the trip and we’re in Tibet.

By the way, in his non-truck life, Terry works the night shift at Sainsbury’s in Cardiff, Wales. He’s done an overland in the United States and is planning his next journey. He loves his electronic gadgets, watching movies and cage-fighting events. He’s also a wonderful sharer. Terry buys all sorts of goodies that he very generously shares with everyone—especially on long-drive days. Everyone perks up when someone sings out ‘the jelly beans are coming!’

Update: Terry finished his challenge long before the end of the trip. And as soon as he was done, he started eating a tin of tuna (one of his favourites) most days.

Also don’t forget to pick a number before 29 February 2012.

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