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22 October 2011 / leggypeggy

Room with a view and a wake-up call too

See those two fellows down there in the chicken yard? They're already discussing topics for tomorrow's conversation with their friends.

We stayed at Green Field, a lovely little hotel in Hoi An in central Vietnam. It has a wonderful homey feel and the women at reception are so welcoming and attentive.

I found it most amusing at 11 each night when they changed from their traditional Vietnamese clothes into their pyjamas, but continued to serve at reception. That’s when you really felt at home. I was always tempted to run up and put on my jammies and come back to the foyer to use the internet, but I didn’t.

Each morning at 5:10, I could be forgiven for thinking we were staying on a farm. Our room, 314, overlooked the neighbour’s backyard, complete with chickens and roosters.

Those two roosters had friends all over town. They had loud discussions for at least 30 minutes each morning, that were interrupted only by a couple of dogs who kept barking, ‘Shut up all of you.’ There was absolutely no chance of us oversleeping—even if we wanted to. But that never really matters as Poor John is always up at ‘sparrow’s fart’.

On our last morning in Hoi An, the dog barking ended abruptly with a big yowl from a cat—and then silence. Talk about a cliffhanger ending!

For more information about Green Field, see

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