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25 October 2011 / leggypeggy

Our honorary Aussies—Laura and Martin

Martin and Laura ham it up in Kazbegi, Georgia.

Laura and Martin may be Irish, but in a few weeks time, they’ll be taking up their Australia work–travel visas that will allow them to enjoy an Aussie lifestyle for the next 12 months. I’m guessing they’ll find it pleasant enough that they’ll do the three months of rural or seasonal work that’s required for them to extend their visa to 24 months.

They already have a good foot in the door. Laura’s sister lives in O’Connell in New South Wales and has an ‘in’ with a country property, so these two may be put to work before truck-lag wears off. They’ll also be busy helping with the big St Patrick’s Day event her sister has introduced in O’Connell. We may just have to go up there too.

Martin, who loves DJ-ing in pubs and clubs in Ireland, left his job in a record store in Kerry to come on this overland. He’s sure been an asset on the cooking front. He’s in a cook group with Poor John and me, and he’s done plenty of the heavy lifting and almost all of the potato peeling. On our cook group days, Lu can’t resist calling him Paddy while she hands him the peeler.

Laura, who is originally from Dublin, also left a job in Kerry. She was working at the Institute of Technology, Tralee, before starting the overland. However, after listening to her sing at the recent karaoke night we had in Saigon, I reckon she could give up any day job and go on stage. She belted out a flawless rendition of Elvis’ Fever. I thought it was the song of the night.

We hope they’ll find time in their busy work–travel days to pop down to Canberra for a visit.


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  1. Louise M Oliver / Oct 30 2011 10:10 am

    Hi Laura and Martin,
    I’m sure you’ll enjoy your time working and travelling in Australia. I hope that you and some of the other honorary Aussies Peggy has met this time will come to Canberra. Then Peggy will be able to have a party and all of Peggy’s Canberra-based friends will be able to meet you. Peggy throws an excellent party and knows a great many people. Is that subtle enough Peggy? Do you understand what I’m getting at? Ha! Ha!
    Love and best wishes



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