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31 October 2011 / leggypeggy

Groucho Marx of the dog world—update!

A canine Groucho Marx.

Imagine my surprise to run into the canine Groucho Marx in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. I saw him several times over the course of two days—usually patiently and nonchalantly begging food from tourists, an activity and manner of which I’m sure Groucho himself would have approved.

This fellow must be a bit of a celebrity in town as he held quite still when I went to photograph him. At first, Poor John thought the eyebrows had been painted on but, no, they’re definitely real—I hope.  I wonder where he hides his funny glasses with the fake moustache and big nose? Oh, wait, he already has a big nose!

News flash: One of our group met Groucho’s family. The eyebrows are fake—added by his ‘dad’. Apparently Groucho recently lost a dog fight. Perhaps dad thought the eyebrows might scare off any other opponents. We wish him well.

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