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21 November 2011 / leggypeggy

What would you do with 20 kilos of chicken?

Chicken, chicken and more chicken.

Food is everywhere in Indonesia and much of it is sensational street food.

Preparations begin in the early hours of each day and it’s fun to walk down the road and take in all the activity. This morning in Jakarta, Poor John and I came upon a few fellows preparing literally hundreds of chicken skewers. Actually Lu saw them first and, as she didn’t have her camera, asked me to take a few snaps if I saw them.

Perhaps 20 minutes later, we came along and they were still super busy dealing with 20 kilos of chicken breast. They’d already finished trimming and dicing all the meat, and were threading the bite-size pieces onto wooden skewers. The skewers were then bundled into lots of 40 or 50. Later these would be marinated and finally grilled over charcoal.

Trust me, these little morsels are wonderful and extremely moorish. I dare you to eat just one.

One photo is from a different food stall where cooking had already begun. Lu said she saw the first stall later in the day and by then they were threading lamb onto skewers.

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