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22 November 2011 / leggypeggy

Our fellow Aussies—Glen and Kieran

Kieran and Glen pretending to be Japanese tourists at the Mogao Caves in western China.

Given that this overland trip travels from London to Sydney, we expected to have a lot of young Australians on board with us—heading home after other adventures. But Glen and Kieran have been the only other Aussies, and they’re excited about going home. They’ve spent the last five years living and working in London, and this year they finally decided to once again call Australia home. Oh boy, will their family and friends be overjoyed to have them back.

That said, they’ve been back home once already this year for a big event. After about 10 years of courtship—they met as teenagers when they both worked at Target in Liverpool in New South Wales—they came home to get married in March.

This time around, and if things go according to plan, both of them will have jobs BEFORE they get home.

Glen works in e-learning. As we have got closer to Australia, he has applied for a few jobs, one of which is ‘made for him’. We’re all hoping some good news comes through soon. Let’s hope that whatever job he gets requires that he wear a suit—he had three custom-made in Hoi An in Vietnam. Glen’s also been the only person with passport problems—he ran out of pages and had to get a new passport in southeast Asia.

Keiran is a nurse and also qualified as a midwife, which is her passion. In London, she was a practice nurse, but she hopes to return to work at the hospital in Liverpool. Her skills have been needed a few times on the trip and it’s been a comfort to have someone who knows what they’re doing with a first aid kit. Her talents have also scored her a Skilled Migrant Visa for the UK, but we’re hoping they don’t go back anytime soon. Plus we’re looking forward to seeing them in Canberra.


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