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26 November 2011 / leggypeggy

On sarongs—don’t leave home without one

Sarongs—few items can do so many jobs so well. And that goes for gals and guys.

On this trip, my sarong, which I bought in Bali last year for about $10, has done duty as a skirt, bath towel, beach towel, shawl, blanket, pillow, scarf, cover-up to name a few.

Mine’s always tucked in the bottom of my daypack. It takes no time to whip it out and wrap it around my ‘offending’ legs so they can carry me into some church or temple. Poor John even wore it once at an Indonesia temple—very fetching.

It’s been so useful that, the other day, I was prompted to buy a second one. Our ‘hotel’ in Yogyakarta had no towels, only a bottom sheet and no blanket. My sarong to the rescue. Just before bedtime, I gave it to Poor John, who sleeps fairly scantily clad, and then shivered the whole night myself. A fan puts a chill in the air, but I hate to turn it off for fear the mozzies will attack.

In the morning, the sarong was on-duty again—this time as a towel.

But with another sheetless night looming ahead, and wanting to keep it from being sleepless for me, I bought another sarong. Only $9! Bargain!
Tonight we’re in a comfy homestay on Java’s Ijen Plateau, but with only one narrow blanket for the two of us—thank goodness for sarongs.

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