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27 November 2011 / leggypeggy

Our bug bait—Rakhee

Rakhee snaps a pic of the crater at Mount Bromo.

If there’s a biting bug anywhere around, there’s a good chance that it will bite Rakhee first. Their interest in her is surprising because she is the only vegetarian on this trip.

But I’m the winner here. I think she is single-handedly (actually they go for her legs) responsible for keeping most of the insect beasties away from me on this trip because I was the bait in Africa.

This is turning out to be a big year of travel for Rakhee. By December she will have visited more than 30 countries in less than 12 months. Prior to joining the London to Sydney jaunt, she spent several months travelling on her own in South America.

Originally from Clapham, Rakhee studied marketing at the University of Brunel in West London. Most recently she has worked as assistant merchandiser in the children’s department in Debenhams in the UK. Her style sure shows through. If she was more than half my size, I steal her purple beach dress and green and white Columbia jacket.

She’s on leave from Debenhams while doing her year of travel, and she’s not yet exactly sure what she will be doing after reaching Australia, but we hope she’ll find time to drop into Canberra. I look forward to trying out some interesting vegetarian curry dishes on her.

As an aside, I like to think of Rakhee as a non-practicing vegetarian. She may not eat beef, but she’ll try almost everything else. On this trip, she tried snake and kangaroo, and in South America she sampled guinea pig.

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