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17 December 2011 / leggypeggy

I’m back and it’s time to start posting again

Sorry about the prolonged silence. I’m still stunned by how horrible the Aussie internet connections were in the Outback. Absolutely infuriating. I’m hoping the National Broadband Network will change all that.

We’re home and mostly unpacked. This verges on being a miracle. Even I am stunned by this modest level of efficiency on my part—it usually takes me months to unload the bags.

At the moment, we are at our beach house with four fellow travellers—Lin and Norm, Ian and Eamon. Ian’s wife, Pat, and daughter, Cathryn, and Eamon’s wife, Mary, have joined us too. That means I’m cooking for 10—a role I enjoy and have done many times in the past.

Everyone has almost overdosed on kangaroos and other Australian wildlife, but they’re just getting started.

There’s still heaps of our European, Central Asian, Southeast Asian and Australian travels to share, plus many more new travels to come. So I’m getting back to writing again. Thanks for staying tuned.

Here’s a pic of the crowd on our arrival in Sydney. Poor John and I are on the far right.

London to Sydney—end of the trail.


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  1. Sy S. / Dec 17 2011 4:11 am

    Hello LeggyPeggy and Pour John,

    A big congratulations on making the final “leg” of your travels and now back home! It was a little concerning not hearing from you in two weeks, being in the Outback of Australia.

    I very much enjoyed reading all of your posts and areas of the world I just won’t every be able to see in the future. And fun to read about areas you had traveled to in which I had visited in the past. I look forward to reading about you final posts on such an interesting overland travel adventure!

    Wishing you and family a great holiday season and a Happy and Health New Year 2012!

    Sy S.
    Metro NYC


  2. Louise M Oliver / Dec 17 2011 7:46 am

    Hi Peggy,
    I to am amazed, and disappointed, at the lack of internet coverage in the Outback. However, as you say, the National Broadband Network might fix all of this. I’m pleased to see that some of your fellow travellers have joined you down at the coast. Will they be coming to Canberra at some point? That’s a really good photo of all of you in Sydney too. I’m looking forward to seeing you and John and to more posts. They’ve been great.

    Best wishes


  3. Sharon / Dec 17 2011 10:41 pm

    Welcome back Leggy Peggy and Poor John. x


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