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26 January 2012 / leggypeggy

Singapore architecture—the old

Fine paintwork on one of Singapore's grand old ladies.

Over the years, many of Singapore’s grand old buildings have been torn down to make way for modern high-rise apartment blocks, office buildings and shopping malls.

By grand, I don’t necessarily mean huge or opulent, just interesting and eye-catching. I noticed a big difference in the cityscape between my first visit in 1984 and this most recent one in 2011.

There are some wonderful additions, especially around the crossing to Sentosa Island, but it is becoming harder and harder to find the traditional old Singapore. Fortunately, quite a few of the old buildings that survive are getting some much needed loving and careful treatment.

We walked and walked and walked in Singapore, and it was a joy to see some of the colourful and striking paint jobs being applied to some of these stately ‘old ladies’. I can say that because I an old lady too—just not stately.

I hope the fact they are being repainted, restored, refurbished, propped up and strengthened means they have been spared a death sentence. At least for now.

Also don’t forget to pick a number before 29 February 2012.

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