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3 April 2012 / leggypeggy

All-terrain wheelchair gives access to Grampians

The TrailRider in the Grampians

A lot of people in my life find it difficult to walk. In fact, some depend on wheelchairs. So I was delighted to see a nifty invention, the TrailRider, on display in the Parks Victoria office in Halls Gap.

The TrailRider was on trial in the Grampians until January of 2012, and it’s still there and available for free bookings. The woman at the counter wasn’t sure, but thought the park had purchased it for continued use. A good indication that it was well used during the trial.

According to the brochure, the TrailRider is specially designed for rough terrain, and allows visitors with physical disabilities to enjoy—with carer support—some of the park’s bushwalking trails.

The TrailRider seems a well-made and streamlined machine. The seat looks comfy, the wheels are large, and there are plenty of handles for ‘Sherpas’ to hang on to. And every booking comes with a brief rundown on operation and safety procedures.

I noticed that a couple of standard wheelchairs and helmets are also available for use.

A perfect path just waiting for a TrailRider.

To make a booking or ask about the TrailRider, call Megan at Parks Victoria on 03 5361 4008.


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  1. Zarinah Adam / Apr 4 2012 12:22 am

    I’ve no idea of the path you’re taking. If you go the long way check out Welshpool it’s a lovely place and worth the diversion. xoxo


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