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7 April 2012 / leggypeggy

Great photos at Streaky Bay

After passing the oversized semis a couple of times in South Australia, we took a detour to visit Streaky Bay on the western edge of the Eyre Peninsula. This bay is very protected and it’s hard to imagine that just around a rather large headland or two is the often-wild Great Southern Ocean.

While on a voyage in 1802, Matthew Flinders visited and named the bay because he noticed that the water was discoloured by streaks. It is now thought these streaks are caused by the release of oils by certain species of seaweed in the bay.

Poor John’s brother suggested the stop because he thought we’d like the food at the local hotel—he was right—but he never mentioned the great photos I’d get there.

We spent the night at one of the local campgrounds—no free camping allowed in the area—and ended up with a site right on the shore.

We’re early risers so I was the first camper up and out, with camera in hand, to catch a few snaps of a spectacular sunrise. A local fellow and his dog kindly appeared, and added just the right touch.

After we packed up our gear, we had another look around the town and jetty. The seagulls were most accommodating, bobbing and swirling around me. I also got a good laugh from the advice posted by the owner of a caravan (camper van). He isn’t going to be bullied into speeding.

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  1. afterthelasttime / Apr 22 2017 11:53 pm

    Stunning sunrise indeed!

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