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14 April 2012 / leggypeggy

A walk on the wild side in Norseman

A view from the Woodlands Walk over the salt lakes of Norseman

Every day of this trip brings a new surprise. The landscape and vegetation have been much more varied than I expected, and I’m constantly encountering places I’ve never heard of before.

Take Norseman, for instance. This small town is about one-third of the way across Western Australia. We reached it not long after coming to a curve on the 90-mile Straight. We stopped for petrol and some advice about taking the gravel track to Wave Rock.

Granite on the Woodland Walk

The fellow at the service station urged us to go on the Woodlands Walk (Stop 16 of the Granite and Woodlands Discovery Trail). And we’re so glad we did.

The walk is a small introduction to the surrounding eucalyptus woodland that is one of the world’s greatest remaining untouched temperate woodlands. It takes about 30 minutes and includes explanatory panels that also tell about the culture of the Ngadju, the local Aboriginal people.

All the pictures here are from the walk.

See the Discovery Trail for pics and details about the next 300 kilometres of woodlands, as we drove west to Hyden (and Wave Rock).

Also, be sure to check out what’s cooking on page 32.

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