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13 May 2012 / leggypeggy

Coorinja—a winery with history

Michael Wood takes care of one of our purchases.

There’s plenty to do around Perth, and one of our first outings beyond the city limits was to travel north to Toodyay and New Norcia.

But we got side-tracked by the Coorinja Winery, a few kilometres south of Toodyay and beside Harper Brook.

Kate spotted the sign first, so we turned back only to discover that it isn’t open on a Sunday. Dang! But just as we were about to drive away, a pickup turned in and drove up to the house. Okay, we thought, let’s see if we are welcome.

Turns out, Michael Wood, the manager, had stopped by to see his mum. He was most happy to open, share some of the winery’s history and, more importantly, share some fine samples.

We, in turn, were most happy to spend more than a few dollars on Coorinja’s delicious white port, ginger wine, marsala and dry sherry.

Coorinja, which in an Aboriginal word for the place of seven springs, specialises in fortified wines. It was established in the 1880s, and has operated continuously since then. The Wood family has had it since 1919. It’s a tiered three-storied building built of stone and brick.

Michael was happy to let me take too many photos.

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