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31 August 2012 / leggypeggy

The joys of a ride-on lawnmower

ride-on mower

Jean enjoying the drive!

I can’t resist posting this photo of my cousin, Jean.

When we caught up with Jean and her husband, Wayne, in Omaha for a family wedding, they were chasing a ride-on lawnmower (not literally) that they had ordered about two weeks earlier.

Every time Wayne called, he got the same run-around—it would be in any day now! He finally said to forget it—if it wasn’t in by Tuesday. Then he was going to take his business elsewhere.

We drove back to their place in Minnesota on Monday, and Wayne got the verdict on Tuesday—still no mower. So off we went shopping. The saleman showed them a great used model that only had 396 hours on it. Wayne and Jean had a few spins around the carpark. I never knew a ride-on mower could be so much fun.

I can see this thing providing hours of entertainment, assuming they don’t fight too much over who gets to mow.

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