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25 September 2012 / leggypeggy

Helping hand for critters of the Amazon



A trip to amaZOOnico was part of our package at Arajuno Jungle Lodge.

This animal rehabilitation centre in the Amazon headwaters is home to a variety of creatures that have been confiscated, handed in, mistreated, abandoned or injured.

The centre is in a protected forest reserve (Selva Viva) and the goal is to return ‘residents’ to the wild. It doesn’t always happen. Our guide explained that about 50 per cent of residents are too tame or too weak or unskilled to survive in the wild. Another 25 per cent are released successfully and the final 25 per cent die because of injuries, malnutrition or other factors from their ‘previous’ life.

All kinds of monkeys have been pets that have outgrown their popularity. A jaguarundi was simply left behind in a hotel room. An ocelot grew up and took over its owner’s apartment and would not let her in. Many birds have had their feathers and well as their muscles cut, meaning they can never fly again. One such macaw regularly falls out of his tree and has to be hoisted up by way of a makeshift pulley-and-tray system. And I never would have guessed that birds that can talk cannot easily survive in the wild.

Yellow spotted turtle

Yellow spotted turtle

Many of amaZOOnico’s workers are volunteers, and I can see why they would be inspired to participate. It’s in a lovely setting and is founded on a strong commitment to animal welfare.

Getting to amaZOOnico was part of our adventure. We were taken by long boat and because the river was quite low, we had to ‘abandon’ ship in a few places and walk along the shore or across islands. It was also fun to see life on the river.

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  1. Myriam Lozano / Sep 26 2012 4:33 am

    The work of AmaZOOnic can help to preserve the fauna. It´s a pitty the way that the animals are treated. Enjoy the nature!



    • leggypeggy / Sep 26 2012 8:51 am

      Hello Myriam — Nice to see you here. The people at amaZOOnico are doing a wonderful job of making life better for many animals.



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