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2 October 2012 / leggypeggy

Our first real bush camp

Bush camp view

A tent with a view

After two weeks on the road for this overland journey, we finally had our first real bush camp—in the sand dunes of Peru.

It was fantastic.

Some of the passengers seemed a bit surprised to learn the true meaning of a bush camp, but the ‘old hands’ at camping were delighted to have the serenity, uninterrupted views, lack of facilities and star-studded sky. It was a full-moon night too, so we certainly couldn’t complain about being left in the dark. And I didn’t feel guilty about not adding to the blog that night.

Luckily we didn’t have to cook either (having done so the night before) so we could enjoy the riches of the Peruvian desert. Both Poor John and I agreed that it reminded us of some fine bush camps we had in Africa.

Bush camp search

Colin checking for the right spot to bush camp

Our Peruvian camp wasn’t quite where it was supposed to be. Colin and Sammy, our driver and guide, had been aiming for a crescent-shaped spot beneath one of the dunes, but a ‘new’ dune blocked the access, so we had to settle for a nearby pseudo quarry.  We kicked some largish rocks out of the way before setting up our tent, so were quite comfortable when we settled down to sleep.

This trip is about 50 per cent camping, but a lot of it is in campgrounds and other ‘civilised’ locations. We look forward to our next rustic camp tomorrow night.

P.S. Always have a little chuckle about folks taking a shovel with them for the first time for their morning ablutions. Before Africa, Poor John and I invested in a small personal trowel, called an iPood. Very nice not to have to wait for a shovel.

But it reminds me of a gal who was on the African trip before us. She was 73 years old and travelled with her own fold-up toilet seat with legs. I can just see her setting off with a shovel over her shoulder and a toilet seat under her arm.

Who says you have to have good knees to go overlanding?

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  1. Derrick / Oct 4 2012 5:56 pm

    Ah bush camping is what these trips are about, not hostels
    You know what you are getting in a bush camp
    A hostel should just be to have a shower and do washing and of course update blogs
    Give me a bush cmp over hostel any day


    • leggypeggy / Oct 4 2012 10:23 pm

      I love bush camps too — unless you somehow end up at the local tip. 🙂


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