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25 October 2012 / leggypeggy

Magic Water Tour in Lima

Lima fountain

An interactive fountain

Seven passengers joined the overland trip in Lima and one of our first group outings was to the city’s Magic Water Tour at the Park of the Reserve.

What a showpiece!

The Magic Water Tour is the current record holder for the largest fountain complex in the world. With 13 distinct fountains spread over eight hectares, the tour opened in 2007 and had 2 million visitors within nine months. It was packed the night we were there.

All of the fountains are lit at night, many with continuously changing color schemes. The largest one, known as the Magic Fountain, ‘performs’ every half hour or so after dark. It has a jet that can shoot water 80 metres in the air. Sadly I couldn’t get a decent photo of it.

Lima fountain

One of 13 fountains

Other highlights include the Children’s Fountain that kids can walk and run around in, the 35-metre Tunnel Fountain of Surprises that people can stroll through, and the 120-metre-long Fantasia Fountain with a light show that is synchronised to music. There is also a tunnel connecting the two sections of the park, which contains an exhibition highlighting recent public works projects in Lima.

There has been controversy surrounding the park, mostly because its construction altered an already historically significant park. Critics also complained about the new entrance fee (about $2 for anyone 5 years of age and older).

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  1. mickeydownunder1 / Oct 26 2012 7:34 pm

    G’day and WHAT vibrant colours your photos portray!
    Your Water Fountain MADE my day!
    I have seen MANY around the world too!
    The most extraordinary one was when I lived in NZ, TRUE!
    Thanks for sharing, LOVE learning something new every day!
    WHOO HOO! WHOO HOO is what I can say!


    • leggypeggy / Oct 26 2012 10:28 pm

      I love water fountains too. I missed the one in New Zealand. Where is it?


      • Joanne T Ferguson / Oct 27 2012 2:16 pm

        G’day There’s one in Napier
        –“the motor was imported from the USA” too! 🙂

        The other was in Auckland when I lived there too! Hope you enjoy!


      • leggypeggy / Oct 27 2012 9:24 pm

        Thanks Joanne. We plan to go to New Zealand later in 2013, so I’ll be on the look-out.


      • Joanne T Ferguson / Oct 28 2012 12:11 pm

        North Island or South or both? I used to live in NZ for a year too 🙂 ENJOY!


      • leggypeggy / Oct 28 2012 12:28 pm

        Not sure yet. We’ll finish one trip before we get too serious about the next. We had almost 6 weeks in New Zealand in 2008. Loved it.


  2. mickeydownunder1 / Oct 27 2012 2:18 pm

    Here another magical on in Xian…on the list to see and do too!


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