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19 May 2018 / leggypeggy

Western USA is gobsmackingly amazing

Mirror Lake

Mirror Lake is supposed to be a short, flat walk. We tried to do the entire loop, which is harder and longer, but found there was no way to get across the river, so we trekked back the way we came. Who cares when scenery is like this!

There’s hardly been time to catch our breath. We have had eight sensational days enjoying some of the USA’s most varied and stunning scenery and hospitality. We’ve hardly had a moment to spare, and certainly not a moment to write a decent blog post.

Sometimes we reach camp after dark. Then it’s set up tents and get dinner going. We’re taking it in turns to cook and wash up. Everyone puts up their own tent.

Mornings we’re sometimes up and piled in the van before 5:30am. Seriously, we’re afraid we might miss something.

So far we’ve visited an amazing collection of national parks in four states—Yosemite, Bryce, Zion and the Grand Canyon. There’s also been Death Valley, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Navajo National Monument and Monument Valley. Everything is gobsmackingly beautiful.

We’ve been on hikes galore, a 4WD road trip and a helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon. I’ve relished every minute, but I’m tired just thinking about it. Maybe you are too.

Tonight we’re in a motel (with wifi—yay!), so here are two pics from Yosemite to tide you over until I have the chance to write and share more.

Yosemite Falls, upper and lower

Yosemite Falls is North America’s longest waterfall (2425 feet). Lower Yosemite Fall is on the lower left.



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  1. efge63 / May 19 2018 3:16 pm

    Yosemite – Unnamed Falls

    Robert Walton

    Aspen leaves tremble within

    The bursting arc

    Of your morning flight.

    Tumbling saffron


    A fall of buttercups,


    But no less joyful,

    Follow you

    To the sea.

    Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. Chris Riley / May 19 2018 3:27 pm

    It indeed looks gobsmackingly amazing. I’m looking forward to more.

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  3. Vicki / May 19 2018 3:28 pm

    Stunning landscape, Peggy. Looking forward to seeing some more photos 🙂

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  4. thewonderer86 / May 19 2018 4:48 pm

    Amazing. What a trip!

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  5. beetleypete / May 19 2018 6:12 pm

    Although I have never been there, it is strangely familiar to me from the photos of Ansel Adams, and the BBC series Yosemite. Majestic indeed, and well done to you (and John) for camping and hiking. I doubt I could manage such an outdoor experience for so long.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    • leggypeggy / May 19 2018 11:16 pm

      My hip has been a bit dodgy, so I’ve been doing some easier walks, but Poor John is really striding out.

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  6. Gary R Walker / May 19 2018 6:19 pm

    I love your life.

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  7. paolsoren / May 19 2018 7:45 pm

    There’s a lot to be said for mountains. Especially if you get to touch them.

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  8. ralietravels / May 19 2018 8:16 pm

    Just reading your itinerary leaves me exhausted. But I am so glad you are seeing these beautiful places.

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  9. ksbeth / May 19 2018 9:48 pm

    beautiful and all great choices )

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    • leggypeggy / May 19 2018 11:20 pm

      We still have five days to go on the tour, and then several weeks with a friend’s Jeep and camping equipment in Colorado.

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  10. Miriam / May 19 2018 9:55 pm

    It all sounds and looks so breathtakingly beautiful. How wonderful! Enjoy it all Peggy. 😏

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  11. theunassuminghiker / May 19 2018 10:54 pm

    Glad you are having a good time!

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  12. lulu / May 19 2018 11:09 pm

    There is a lot of beauty in this country of ours.

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  13. lexklein / May 19 2018 11:51 pm

    Only in recent years have we been trying to see the western part of our own beautiful country, and gobsmackingly amazing is an apt description! The hiking is so great, and even when there’s no time for that, the views from the road are stunning. Glad you are having such a good time!

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    • leggypeggy / May 21 2018 12:27 am

      We’re having a fantastic time. And the scenery is simply stunning every way we look.

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  14. pvcann / May 20 2018 12:09 am

    So good to be able to share a slice of the trip. and, truly, if you didn’t pile into that van you’d certainly miss a few things – and so would we, enjoy the days ahead.

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    • leggypeggy / May 21 2018 12:28 am

      Thanks so much. In addition to the amazing adventures, we have the most wonderful travelling companions. A really homogenous group.

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  15. Murray Foote / May 20 2018 12:10 am

    Sounds and looks great!

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  16. Jacqui Murray / May 20 2018 12:34 am

    I’ve been exactly where you took those pictures. It takes your breath away.

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  17. petiteloulou25 / May 20 2018 12:56 am


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  18. Embeecee / May 20 2018 2:26 am

    Glad you came to Utah! I’d have baked a cake or something, had I known. 😉 Now you may realize why I tend to go on and on about this place…

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    • leggypeggy / May 21 2018 12:30 am

      Utah is totally stunning. We’re in Moab today and heading to Salt Lake on Monday. Where are you?

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  19. gizzylaw / May 20 2018 4:06 am

    You are in my neck of the woods! Enjoy it all. I have been here for a lifetime and there is still places I have not seen. Looking forward to more of your thoughts on the West!

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    • leggypeggy / May 21 2018 12:31 am

      A person couldn’t explore all these glorious places in a lifetime—even two lifetimes.

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  20. Lynn Millar / May 20 2018 5:53 am

    Glad you’re enjoying California. I’m in Oregon now – I mean moved here. Lots to explore.

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  21. Yvonne / May 20 2018 6:58 am

    You sure picked a good piece of the USA to go for a stroll or two!

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  22. Sharon Bonin-Pratt / May 20 2018 7:15 am

    This is a very beautiful country. I never tire of visiting the amazing sites in the US and wish I could travel more. Enjoy, enjoy. I’m so glad you’re having a great time.

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    • leggypeggy / May 21 2018 12:33 am

      Thanks Sharon. I still can’t get over how beautiful it is every which way I look!

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  23. kunstkitchen / May 20 2018 7:21 am

    Glad you like our beautiful West Country! Enjoy!

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    • leggypeggy / May 21 2018 12:34 am

      It’s a stunning part of the world! We’re loving every minute.

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      • kunstkitchen / May 21 2018 9:05 am

        Thank you for writing about your tour! We are trying to save all these places, which are in peril under the present national government.

        Liked by 1 person

      • leggypeggy / May 21 2018 10:53 am

        I understand your predicament. It’s nice to see the scientists attached to these parks sharing information about the reality of climate change.


  24. Superduque777 / May 20 2018 8:45 am

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  25. lmo58 / May 20 2018 2:11 pm

    Peggy, this is wonderful! I’ve so enjoyed reading the blog and looking at the photos that are, as always, magnificent. Really looking forward to the next instalment. Take care of your hip and be safe.

    Liked by 1 person

    • leggypeggy / May 21 2018 12:35 am

      Thanks Louise. We’re having an easy day today, so I hope to get a blog post done. Fingers crossed.


  26. Sy S. / May 20 2018 3:45 pm

    Hello LeggyPeggy,

    >>So far we’ve visited an amazing collection of national parks in four states—…. Everything is gobsmackingly beautiful.<<
    Wow, I am surprised that the tour went to so many places already and I did not realize it was a camping out type of tour. But I know you love these! I have been to Yosemite, Bryce, Zion, Grand Canyon upteen years ago. To long ago to remember all these beautiful places (in detail 1967), and have few photos. When I win the lottery I will visit them again.. but slim to none I would win big bucks, SO I SEE THESE PLACES THROUGH YOUR WONDERFUL BLOG POSTS! I am sure you will get to see Yellowstone Park? as well and hope to see some amazing wildlife photos and the scenery! Yes, you need to get up very early, to see the wildlife (especially in Yellowstone) and the sun rising.. and stay up late for sunsets as well. Enjoy It All, Safely!

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    • leggypeggy / May 21 2018 12:38 am

      Thanks Sy. I hope you enjoy the places I’ll be taking you. And yes, Yellowstone is on the list. We finish in Jackson Hole Wyoming.


  27. The Year I Touched My Toes / May 20 2018 6:52 pm

    “This America” is the one I would most like to visit. Good on John keeping up with the walking. Hope your hip holds up. Camping out probably doesn’t help that. Louise

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    • leggypeggy / May 21 2018 12:39 am

      Louise, you’d be bowled over by the scenery. Hope you get here one day. The hip is holding up.

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  28. Gilda Baxter / May 20 2018 9:06 pm

    Wow…incredible place. Your road trip has been amazing 🙂

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  29. Catnip Blog / May 21 2018 5:01 am

    What a fascinating and beautiful world you bring to all of us. There was a reason for the gold-rush to the Western United States but the gold wasn’t buried but in plain view.

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  30. theorangutanlibrarian / May 21 2018 5:48 am

    Oh wow!

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  31. travellerdee / May 21 2018 10:53 pm

    looking so tempting!

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  32. Dave Ply / May 22 2018 3:55 am

    I did say, “prepare to be impressed” when you mentioned you were going to the national parks…

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  33. Osyth / May 22 2018 5:35 am

    I’m very keen to read more about this trip which seems absolutely bang smack up my alley!

    Liked by 1 person

    • leggypeggy / May 22 2018 6:04 am

      Thanks Osyth. I’m hoping to pick up the pace on posting.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Osyth / May 22 2018 7:30 am

        All in good time – with your klout people will wait happily until you are able to share your amazing adventures!

        Liked by 1 person

      • leggypeggy / May 22 2018 10:02 am

        But I’m impatient! 🙂


  34. Green Global Trek / May 22 2018 3:03 pm

    Gorgeous! Sadly we have never been. Was it super crowded?


    Liked by 1 person

    • leggypeggy / May 23 2018 9:48 am

      Crowds haven’t been too bad, except for the Grand Canyon. We’re in Yellowstone as of today, and we’ll see how busy it is. Our trip finished before the Memorial Day holiday.


  35. jeanleesworld / May 22 2018 8:23 pm

    Happy to see you enjoying yourself! We’re eager to get the kids out west on many road trips. Plus we have friends and family in the west, so it’d be nice to come to them for once and make them show US around. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • leggypeggy / May 23 2018 9:49 am

      I hope you get the chance to travel soon. I think the kids would be impressed. You too! 🙂

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  36. suzlearnsfrench / May 25 2018 7:50 pm

    Love reading your adventures and was happy to see you are visiting the US. There are so many amazing places to visit here – the National Parks are a true treasure. And the western US is breathtakingly beautiful. Bienvenue and enjoy!

    Liked by 1 person

    • leggypeggy / May 26 2018 12:28 am

      Yes, yes, yes—the national parks are a true treasure. We’re having a fabulous time.

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  37. Lynz Real Cooking / May 26 2018 2:34 pm

    Sounds like an exciting experience and one that we get to share!

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  38. anshika Sharma / May 29 2018 3:08 pm

    Hello every body

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  39. Lukraakvars / Jun 19 2018 6:38 am

    That photo alone is gobsmackingly amazing. Wow!! I need to go there now!! Adding Yosemite to my USA travel bucket list. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • leggypeggy / Jun 19 2018 12:26 pm

      You are most welcome. Yosemite is truly fantastic.


  40. tony / Aug 30 2018 12:58 pm

    So true!!!!!


    Liked by 1 person

    • leggypeggy / Aug 30 2018 3:10 pm

      Hope the recent fires haven’t done too much damage.


  41. afterthelasttime / Oct 27 2018 7:15 am

    At certain times of the year, I’ve forgotten when however it has to be during the high snow melting period, when viewing Yosemite Falls from the side with the sun setting it appears as though fire is streaming off the cliff.
    Prior to it becoming viewed as ecologically bad, rangers lit fires at the top of El Capitan after dark and scraped the burning embers over the edge making for a Falls of Fire for visitors. I’m glad that stopped a long time ago! I can’t imagine what John Muir who discovered Yosemite may have thought.
    Muir subsequently lobbied Congress and President Teddy Roosevelt into making it a national park. Had he not done so San Francisco would have successfully dammed the valley, flooding all to quench the thirst of their growing city. Muir even camped in Yosemite Valley with Roosevelt no doubt as a part of his pressure to preserve this beauty!

    Liked by 1 person

    • leggypeggy / Oct 27 2018 2:20 pm

      I’ve seen pictures of the ‘fire’ streaming off the cliff, but I never knew that rangers created their own copy of that coincidence. Muir would have been horrified. Luckily they didn’t burn out the park.

      In another post, I wrote a bit about Muir and Roosevelt.


  42. Debby Winter / Apr 18 2020 12:37 am

    Out of all parks I liked Glen Canyon National Recreation Area best.. Thanks for sharing all these beautiful photos!

    Liked by 1 person

    • leggypeggy / Apr 18 2020 7:29 am

      You are most welcome. Thanks for telling me about the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. Maybe I’ll get there one day to have a proper look.

      Liked by 1 person


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