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6 June 2011 / leggypeggy

Late trains and moveable platforms

I’ve been surprised by the lateness of some trains. Doesn’t Germany always run to schedule?
The Frankfurt to Berlin train left eight minutes late, which was good for us because it meant we didn’t miss it. But by the time it reached Berlin, it was 21 minutes behind.

Poor John enjoying first-class train travel.

Thursday’s Bamberg to Augsburg/Munich train seemed to dematerialise. The electronic sign said the train would be late, but would still depart from platform 4 (I can still read enough German). Quite a few trains were running late — it was raining and the next day was a holiday. There was a lot of commentary in German and I listened intently for any mention of Augsburg or Munich (München) — nothing. So it was frustrating to stand on platform 4 and suddenly see that the destination sign had changed to Würzberg. Apparently, the Augsburg train departed from platform 6 at the last minute, but the announcement wasn’t made in English and wasn’t identifiable in German either.

Another train was due to depart in 30 minutes, but it actually didn’t leave for an hour. Those extra 30 minutes were a boon for holiday makers. Waves of them crammed in, so by the time the train pulled out of the station, even the space between carriages was full.

But it really doesn’t matter — we aren’t running to a timetable.
Afterall — look at Poor John sleeping/reading yet another book in his plush surroundings on the train. And check out the chocolate (edible label) that you get in first class.

First-class chocolate.


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  1. Louise M Oliver / Jun 6 2011 9:26 pm

    The first-class compartment looks nice and spacious. Very odd though that the trains don’t run on time. As you note, Germany is an on-time sort of place. Oh well. More grist to the mill.

    Peggy, would it be okay for me to give Emma a call and borrow the Annabel Langbein cookbook that I gave you for Christmas? If you think that’s asking too much of Emma that’s fine. I will borrow it when you get back. I meant to ask you before you left but that’s what happens when your brain is sometimes like a sieve.

    You might be interested to know that Jim Murphy, the wine merchant, died recently. He had surgery for liver cancer and was reported to be doing well. Unfortunately though he had a heart attack. His funeral was today.

    And MasterChef proceeds apace. It’s getting very interesting now and tonight we had the first of the most-unexpected eliminations.

    Take care and keep posting. I’m really enjoying the writing and the photos.

    Best wishes


  2. leggypeggy / Jun 7 2011 1:16 am

    Please do borrow Annabel’s cookbook. Ask Emma or Graeme — they may need help to spot it.
    I saw the news about Jim Murphy — so unexpected.
    So who got eliminated?


  3. Louise M Oliver / Jun 7 2011 11:34 am

    Thanks for that Peggy. I’ll give them a call a bit later in the week. Oh joy oh joy! I’ve been invited to submit a quote for a proper, paying editing job. So guess what I’ll be doing?

    Jay was eliminated. I don’t know if you’ll remember him; he’s the young car salesman who tried out for the last MasterChef but didn’t make it. I don’t know how far through he got but he’s been cooking really well this time round. Every time he plated something up the judges were really complimentary and kept saying that he was getting better and better and that they could see how much progress he was making. Anyway, last night’s challenge was an Asian dessert from a well-know restaurant, if you’re in Sydney, called Ms G’s. Unfortunately, Jay doesn’t have a feel for desserts and the other two in the elimination, Ellie, the young nurse; and Danii, the publicist, love desserts. So it ended in tears. However, silver lining: the chef from Ms G’s now has Jay on some sort of work experience and he’s also leading cooking-for-blokes classes in North Sydney. So it sounds as if his cooking dream is finally getting started.

    Be good


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