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7 June 2011 / leggypeggy

Hip waders in Hamburg

The rain on Am Langenzug in Hamburg.

Hamburg had torrential rain today. It bucketed down for about an hour, but in no time the water was halfway up hubcaps and the ducks were taking shelter.

I’m not sure how much rain fell, but according to the very prompt news posted online by Hamburg’s newspaper, in every minute about 40 litres fell in every square metre (or about 10 gallons in every square yard). Mühlenkamp (a street just around the corner from where we are staying) and the Central Train Station were among the hardest hit. The station was inundated and so were many shops. The local newspaper has 20 pics from around town that you can probably see here if you are quick (be sure to scroll down to the pic of the guy whose car is almost submerged).

I took some pics from the protection of the flat’s balcony, but even then I got a bit damp and pelted with small hail.

The water on the street was gone in no time and after the storm, we headed out for dinner — down Mühlenkamp and on to Gertigstraße — to a nearby tapas restaurant. Lots of shops in the area are at garden level and those shopkeepers were struggling to bail out the knee-deep water. Within 30 minutes or so, fire trucks began to arrive to help pump out shops that were the hardest hit.

The slideshow is pretty self-explanatory — and the tapas were delicious. As an aside, Lutz says he has never seen his street flooded like this and he has lived in the same place for 25 years.

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  1. Louise M Oliver / Jun 7 2011 11:36 am

    Goodness! When it rains in Hamburg it really rains. I don’t think I’d have been going out for dinner; but perhaps they don’t have home-delivered takeaway in Hamburg. Pleased to hear you’re still having such a great time.



  2. Sy Seltzer / Jun 8 2011 10:05 am

    Heidelberg and Hamburg, I recall it well because it was around Oktoberfest 1971 and the streets were crowded with people, cafes serving beer…. and marching bands…



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