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22 June 2011 / leggypeggy

Beyond the guide book

Tourists are often slaves to their guide book, so it is especially interesting to visit places that don’t get a mention.

While we were in Augsburg, Julia (the gorgeous redhead and our fourth exchange student) drove us to one such place—Landsberg. Given its place in history, I was surprised that it was not noted as a touristic site.

Formally known as Landsberg am Lech (Lech being the local river), the village has the prison where Adolf Hitler was incarcerated in 1924. While there, he wrote/dictated his book, Mein Kampf, with Rudolf Hess. His cell, number 7, became part of Nazi culture and many followers visited it during the German–Nazi period. Following World War II, Landsberg had a large displaced persons camp for Jewish refugees. After 1945, more than 150 war criminals were executed in Landsberg.

Although it is interesting to see, it is clearly a place of death and sorrow. Landsberg is only 35 kilometres for Augsburg. Soon after leaving Julia’s, we encountered an ever-growing traffic jam. There’d been an accident. Ambulances and fire trucks were arriving. Only later did we learn that a motorcyclist had swerved/skidded into a roadside barrier and been killed. Another life lost. So sad. We turned around and went the wrong way up a side ramp before the emergency workers came along to let people know it was time to exit the highway.

I’ll take this opportunity to let everyone know that Julia has become an excellent driver. It’s always odd to ride with one of our former students, because it is completely forbidden for them to drive while they are on exchange in Australia. We let one of them have a little go down at the coast, but their name shall remain a secret for evermore. But they know who they are.

Julia and Poor John.

But I digress. We visited the local museum (see the pic in my posting on mobile phones in 1904) and the Heilig-Kreuzkirche (Heilig-Kreuz Church).

The slideshow gives you an overview of what we saw.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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  1. Libby Bright / Jun 22 2011 9:38 am

    I remember driving to Ammersee with Julia when she first had a her licence. She did the driving but I changed gears for her – which was easy since the passenger is on the right in Germany. What a team! We had such a fabulous day. Julie must be the queen of German road trips 🙂


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