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23 June 2011 / leggypeggy

Seeing Ammersee

Boats on the Ammersee

After Landsberg (see the Beyond the guide book entry), we drove on to Schondorf, a village on Lake Ammersee. This is Germany’s sixth largest lake and, like most Bavarian lakes, was created by the melting of ice-age glaciers. It is fed by the River Ammer, which is called the River Amper when it flows out of the lake.

Ammersee is a popular location for water sports and plenty of people were taking advantage of the sunny, warm weather. We saw a private resort for the people of Augsburg. We thought about ‘gatecrashing’, but it was probably best we didn’t. Julia’s father explained later that it is for Augsburg’s public servants.
The word Ammer is a 13th century Celtic word for water, and Wikipedia says that Ammersee and Amper were part of the ancient amber trading route leading to the Brenner Pass.

Kids playing in the Ammersee (the two semi-submerged figures on the left are statues).

On the way back to Augsburg, we stopped at a roadside strawberry hut (it’s built and painted to look like a giant strawberry) to buy plump, fresh berries. We got an amazing deal—three kilos for 10 euros or A$13.50. We demolished the lot within two or three days. Yum, yum!

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