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16 July 2011 / leggypeggy

I was murdered this morning

Having survived the hair-raising taxi ride last week, I was murdered today. It was unexpected, quick, painless and Toni did it. And now I have to buy him a drink.

Welcome to Truck Cluedo.

Toni—not even a little bit sorry that he bumped me off in Truck Cluedo.

Megan organised this game and announced it last night. We each drew three papers—one with a victim’s name, one with a location and the last with a murder weapon. We play until one person is left alive—and I was the first to be knocked off.

Toni shouldn’t be too cocky because his challenge couldn’t have been easier—Peggy, in the truck, with a water bottle.

Good grief, he often sits across the aisle from me. Our water bottles roll around on the floor. I forgot that I had wedged mine in, so I was doomed when he leaned forward, smiled and said, ‘Is this your water bottle?’ I nodded, took it and before I could say thanks, he gloated, ‘Ha, ha, you’re dead.’

Crap that’s annoying and as the first victim I owe him a beer.

My only satisfaction is that I was able to pass my three bits of paper on to him. They present an almost impossible challenge, so I reckon he’ll be dead before long.

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