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17 July 2011 / leggypeggy

Who cares about Truck Cluedo—where’s my towel?

One of the downsides of camping in civilisation—my towel disappeared yesterday. Gosh that irks me because I know it isn’t lost. Oh no, it’s gone to live in someone else’s house/tent/caravan. I handed in a bag of laundry—yes I cheated and let it have a run through an actual washing machine. The towel was on top of the bag. Poor John was there when the clothes came out of the machine, but the towel wasn’t there.

We know it wasn’t stuck in the drum of the front loader because Marina and Phil did the next load and it didn’t come out in theirs.
the towel either fell out of the bag or was lifted out of the bag. Someone picked it up, but no one turned it in to lost-and-found. The most irritating aspect is that it was a damn good camping towel. A MacPac towel—quick-drying, fluorescent green, small and with a travel bag—that probably cost me A$20 unless I got it on special.

I’ve checked lost-and-fund, spoken to management, done a circuit of the campground, asked the French teacher to see if any of her busload of students had picked it up by mistake. Mistakes happen. But no luck and no towel.

Fortunately, Lin and Norman have come to the rescue. For some philanthropic reason they brought three chamois towels on the trip. So they have given one to me. Oh joy! I had a shower this morning and now I’m dry and the towel is too. So a huge thank you to Lin and Norm, my heroes.

Must go get on the truck now—time to leave. Life rolls on.

Cluedo Update: Marina and John (not Poor John) have joined me in the morgue. Martin got Marina, near the baggage compartment with a coin. Vanessa got John, in the kitchen area with a plate. That was too easy for her. She was on cook group and handed him his plate of dinner.

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