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28 July 2011 / leggypeggy

Death of a tent—and not part of Truck Cluedo

Tent in the recovery room—operation a failure.

We’re just over a month into our actual overland journey and some tents are already beginning to die.

Terry’s was the first to go. He HAD a nifty model that virtually put up itself. I got a kick out of the brand name—Slumit. Then in Turkey the Slumit slumped. A main pole broke at a joint—probably the worst possible spot and made it virtually impossible to fix.

Neverthless, Will, Terry and most of the fellow travellers gathered round to advise and/or help with the surgery. The operation was a failure and the tent has been ditched. Only the pegs and guidelines survive. Terry was quick to score the truck’s only spare tent.

Now the main pole in Sarah’s tent is going. Within two weeks, it has broken twice. She was able to fix the first break with some spare materials she brought, but the second snap is going to need more serious attention. Today she went searching for a hardware store and, although she couldn’t find one, she came up with a likely solution that involves a splint and duct tape. Remember my traveller’s tip about duct tape? You’d think I’d have a roll, but I don’t. How embarrassing. But Rakhee does. So far it’s working.

Now Megan’s tent is having issues too. Everyone is hanging out for a chance to shop at the camping store in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Bottom line: Don’t forget the duct tape and bring multiples of tent repair materials.

Cluedo update
Gary got Sarah and then Lu—so he was in the lead on the murder count, until Toni got Gary with a pillow. Keiran got Karl. An unsuccessful attempt was made on Will.

Poor John and Ian were out in a bloodless murder/suicide—they got each other. We had a lunch stop in a town called Maçka. They were both standing in the shade on the side of the truck where our backpacks are stored. I suddenly noticed a strange bit of to-ing and fro-ing over Ian’s camera bag and then they both declared the other dead. Turns out that Poor John got Ian with a camera at a rest stop, and Ian got Poor John with any old bag near the baggage compartment. Touché.

Many others have gone. Lily got Toni in a surprise attack with a question as to whether the bottle of nail polish remover was written in German.

I’ll let you know who wins in the end.

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