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31 December 2011 / leggypeggy

Etched in my memory

Amazing stance

I still can’t get over the ease with which people of the developing world squat on their haunches. It’s second nature.

Their feet stay flat on the ground and their bums hover just a few centimetres from their heels. They can sit this way for hours. They can even work this way.

I watched this fellow, and a couple of other guys, etching and painting letters on plaques, posters and possibly tombstones. It makes my legs hurt to think about it.

I can squat like this comfortably for about 20 seconds. Obviously, I need lots more practice, but I don’t plan on taking up the art of tombstone carving.


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  1. Brian Lageose / Aug 15 2016 8:23 am

    Perhaps I could have pursued this career in my younger, more limber days? Now? Simply squatting down like this might be the last position I ever assume… 😉

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