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9 December 2012 / leggypeggy

Olivia takes the Antarctic plunge—and survives

Antarctic Polar Plunge

Olivia goes for the challenge of the Antarctic Polar Plunge. Photo by Vlad

For about half a nanosecond, I contemplated taking the Antarctic Polar Plunge.

This would have been my chance to prove my mettle—to strip down to my bathers and make a dash into the freezing waters of Whalers Bay at Deception Island.

But common sense and self-preservation kicked in, so I left the honour to more than 50 others, including our travelling companion, Olivia.

Those who were brave enough to take the plunge were met at shore with cheers, piles of fluffy towels, and a Zodiac waiting to whisk them back to the Ocean Diamond and a hot shower.

On the way to the ship, Olivia tried to convince me that at about 1°C, the water wasn’t really that cold, but I didn’t believe her for another half of a nanosecond.

Antarctic Polar Plunge

On the way to shore

Especially after she discovered a cruel twist on the ship. The switch-over of water tanks took place about the same time the plungers returned to ship and, for about 30 minutes, all the showers ran out of water of any temperature.

Olivia did get a certificate to mark her exploit. It states she is officially one ‘who did most willingly plunge into spine chilling ice-filled Antarctic water at Deception Island.’

It continues with, ‘we do solemnly acknowledge that this was an act of indubitable courage (as well as extraordinary, incomparable foolishness). Based on the Expedition Leader’s observance of this act of absurd heroism, and the Ship Doctor’s confirmation of the said person’s temporary loss of any common sense, we consider the bearer of this certificate a key member of the Ocean Diamond Antarctic Polar Swim Club.’

Antarctic Polar Plunge

Plungers return to ship


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  1. lmo58 / Dec 10 2012 12:28 pm

    Oh Olivia, you are one very brave woman! How long did it take you to warm up to somewhere near normal temperature again? Congratulations! Peggy, I really like the snowflakes; they make your photos even more authentic.


    • leggypeggy / Dec 10 2012 12:31 pm

      I think Olivia warmed up fairly quickly, once the shower had hot water again. As for the snowflakes, they happen to be a Christmas add-on from the blog site. I thought they were perfect. 🙂



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